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Eventually, work becomes their home, and home becomes work. Moreover, it has almost entirely been given over to the automobile rather than the pedestrian, especially the child-pedestrian. Many children can barely leave home except in an adult-driven car, and many new communities don’t even have sidewalks. With the automobiling of America, children have become largely disenfranchised from access to many community facilities and services and totally dependent on their parents for transportation. Unfortunately, the parents necessary to provide that transportation are often not around. Fifth, children see a popular culture as produced by the organized entertainment industry and transmitted by the media that is overloaded with adult sexuality and violence, and dominated by materialistic values.

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Bequest of Henry F. Drepperd — , who made them from old family molds and then sent them to Henry F. They were used from to about Thank heaven the old aunt saved the moulds. They include figures of a stork with a baby, a sunflower, a beast, another tall bird, and a rooster. In fact, Drepperd frequently included these molds in his books as illustrations.

The intervening processes remain intensely debated and a key theme in hominin evolutionary studies. We review archeological, fossil, environmental, and genetic data to evaluate the current state of knowledge on the dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa.

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That’s also an apt description of The Huntington, where literary treasures including a world-class collection of the Bard’s own works flourish in the midst of nature. Located between the Huntington Art Gallery and the Virginia Steele Scott Gallery and connecting to the Rose Garden, the Shakespeare Garden features a broad variety of plants; some cultivated in England during Shakespeare’s time, some mentioned in his plays and sonnets, plus many whose ancestors trace back to plants of his Renaissance writings.

Roses are the most often mentioned flower in Shakespeare’s work.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Abernathy, center, is booked by city police Lt. Lackey in Montgomery, Ala.

The Media Resources Center (MRC) is the UC Berkeley Library’s primary collection of materials in audio and visual formats, including DVDs, videocassettes, streamed audio and .

Carol Ann Duffy b. They subsequently had four sons, and moved when Carol Ann was six to Stafford, where her father worked for English Electric and managed Stafford Rangers Football Club in his spare time. She went to the University of Liverpool, and obtained a degree in Philosophy in Having already published three poetry collections – Fleshweathercock and Other Poems Outposts, , Beauty and the Beast with Adrian Henri a pamphlet, , and Fifth Last Song Headland, , she became more widely known when she won the National Poetry Competition in , and an Eric Gregory Award the following year.

As she commented for the Poetry Society website about twenty-five years later: And, oh girls, just look at us now These volumes contain some of her best-known poems:

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Arthur Mitchell

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Permission is granted to individual collectors to reproduce single copies of the dating key for personal use only, as long as the copyright statement is included. The Modern Library Dating Key may not be reproduced for any other purpose, commercial or noncommercial, in any format print, electronic, etc. Linking from other web sites to the dating key on ModernLib is permissible. This dating key can be used to date Modern Library books and jackets on the basis of ML lists that appear at the end of the volumes and inside the jackets.

A list that contains the title in the first column but lacks the title in the second column belongs to the date given at the left. Lists were updated each publishing season spring and fall. Lists of titles ceased to be printed inside the jackets beginning in Dating ML books can be tricky. Please note the following: A ML list in the book or inside the jacket may be the only way to distinguish a first printing from a later printing.

If the lists in the book and the jacket are the same, the jacket is probably original to the book. Titles date a list by spring or fall of a given year. The following numbers remain unchanged through more than one season:

We Are What We See: The Family Conditions for Modeling Values for Children

Covers to present, with some retrospective coverage back to Part of the Literature Online database. Quickly locate precise results from sources ranging from current news to professional and academic journal articles covering the trends and history influencing important accounting, tax, banking, and financial issues of the day.

History and Life – Covers the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present. It is designed to complement the following indexes: If you are having trouble viewing images, please follow these instructions.

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Tweaking the Reinforcing Potency of Synergetic Events.. A Technology of Aesthetic Appreciation: Retrieved Nov 16 from https: But even in lives rich in aesthetic experience, the synergetic brew that would unexpectedly and movingly transform understanding of such experiences is often short a key ingredient: Absent such a history in the audience, the brew is too thin, and naturalistic interpretations of aesthetic and other transformative effects of events are rejected as the empty claims of an arrogant science to understand events beyond its field of expertise in the physical, as opposed to mental or intrapsychic or spiritual world.

One is, in effect, discouraged from peeking under the hood of the phenomenon by the popular conviction that the process itself is ultimately free of mechanism. This conviction is held despite the acknowledged success of many artistic disciplines, dating to classical antiquity e. Although modern writers generally agree that aesthetic effects might be inspired or occasioned by the skillful manipulation of physical events, the effects themselves are still widely held to be a mysterious kind of stuff of which little can be said e.

Failure to provide for aesthetic phenomena the kind of principled, powerful, and accessible interpretative account characterizing natural science might easily be misread as it being inherently incapable, or even assenting to an exclusively metaphysical view of aesthetic effects. In contrast, the provision of an effective natural science account of such phenomena could facilitate the dissemination of a general process perspective in fields like psychology, education, and public policy, yielding an interdisciplinary technology of aesthetic repertoire generation.

By any valuation, aesthetic effects rank among the most cherished of human experiences. They are alluringly enigmatic, not in the least because the person moved by beauty or goodness of act or form does not see the effect coming, at least not at the moment at which it occurs. By definition lovely and supremely unpredictable, the apprehension of beauty in objects and events is a phenomenon of wide appeal. That is to say, the character, significance, and determinants of aesthetic experience tend to have high reinforcing potency; so high that even unserviceable appeals to unknowable origins, like muses, artistic temperaments, aesthetic sensitivities, and creative energies acquire sweeping currency.

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Reprinted with the permission of Paul C. Even if we disregard the overwhelming evidence for the dependence of consciousness on the brain , there remains strong evidence from reports of near-death experiences themselves that NDEs are not glimpses of an afterlife. Out-of-Body Discrepancies 1 Some NDErs report out-of-body experiences during their NDEs where what is seen ‘out-of-body’ does not correspond to what is actually happening in the physical world.

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According to the Muslim lunar calendar, dating from Muhammad’s Hijra (flight or emigration) from Mecca, it is now ah Persians, Mayans, Jains, even Freemasons, all have their own eras. But it is the Christian era, counting ‘the years of the Lord’ from the birth of Christ, that is now ubiquitous in business, politics and historical writing.

Backgrounder Evolution of the Dog: From Pekingese to St. Bernard and greyhound, dogs come in such startling variety it’s easy to forget they belong to the same species. The profusion of breeds today — at least — reflects intense, purposeful interbreeding of dogs in the past years. One consequence of interbreeding to create purebreds with sharply individual traits is that many disease-causing genes have become concentrated in these breeds.

Because of the growing concern about health problems and the availability of powerful methods to hunt genes, scientists are hard at work on the “dog genome project. Genes that influence behavior are also of great interest. At the same time, the entire history of dogs and their relationship with humans has undergone some rethinking recently, thanks in large part to high-tech molecular dating methods that can determine evolutionary relationships and chronologies.

The dog, Canis familiaris, is a direct descendent of the gray wolf, Canis lupus: In other words, dogs as we know them are domesticated wolves. Not only their behavior changed; domestic dogs are different in form from wolves, mainly smaller and with shorter muzzles and smaller teeth. Darwin was wrong about dogs.

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It can simply be a feature in an area such as the bedroom, just like OFIS Architects created for this house in Slovenia. The home library is, in this case, a set of wall shelves and the user can sit on the bed to read them. The design is interesting because this space combines two functions. The wooden wall unit is a defining feature of the home library while the seating area is the focal point of the living room.

View in gallery A similar concept was used by Boora Architects when designing this residence located in Portland. In this case, the wall unit is expansive and has a graphical, geometric design. This place was envisioned like a cozy home and it even has a reading nook with an eye-catching system of wall shelves of different shapes and sizes arranged in an apparently random pattern.

Usually, the wall unit also includes a desk of some sorts, like in the case of the Library House by Khosla Associates. This configuration allows a single space to combine multiple functions and ca also be adapted for smaller areas. As you might expect, the house has an extensive book collection displayed on a large bookcase that covers an entire wall. The unit was carved out to reveal a doorway. The team envisioned this space as a welcoming room with a simple wall bookcase, a minimalist sofa and a vintage chair in the corner, next to the full height window.

By that we mean that the living area has a tall wall niche in the form of a bookcase and that the sofas can also be used as seating for those that want to relax while reading a book. Large windows provide enough natural light for this activity to be a very pleasant one.

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