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January 4, – Obituaries – Tagged: He was born in Hartford in and raised in Glastonbury and Southbury Connecticut. Upon graduating from Southbury High School he moved to Cape Cod, which he enjoyed fully for the next dozen years. After living on the Cape, Greg spent much of his life traveling around the United States, living for a number of years in St. However, throughout his travels, Cape Cod was always held deeply in his heart. In Greg returned to the Cape to spend his remaining days in the place he considered home. Greg was known by all for his big heart and generosity. Whenever there was a family member or friend in need, Greg would be there to help, even if it was half a continent away. He had become quite skilled at home remodeling including cabin building and would load up his van and trailer and hit the road whenever anyone asked.

No-electricity hot tub

I think, apart from our own company — nothing in our lives really lasts forever. What if I stay alone forever? Maybe a few max. If you are actively looking, it will very rarely be much longer.

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For years the only reliable thing a smoker could get his hands on was the sandy Taklamaklan Tan, served up by your local lamb skewer proprietor. Joints of that stuff made your head ache and provided a dull high. It was tough to get that dry sand to burn properly. Travelers only, with a smattering of local hippies. The supply was sporadic and the quality was always poor.

Few people were actually growing their own and those who were did it for personal use only. Selling weed became a business, and not just a luxury to be enjoyed every now and then. Some people made good money, and turned their tax free cash into regular businesses. In fact, I remember a group of scallywags rolling up joint after joint and selling them out of cigarette packs at the old Reggae Bar RIP just to make rent. They made enough to buy tickets out of China to San Francisco, where they eventually ended up on weed farms, making that big big weed money.

So the tales say anyway.

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Marijuana in China

You saw it here first! Anything can happen on The Chris Gethard Show — the live comedy performance turned public access hit turned cult cable fave — but thanks to a new partnership with Reddit, the call-in series is about to get even crazier. The show is broadcast live every Thursday at 11 p. ET on TruTV, but Mashable can exclusively reveal that on September 14, the series is launching a first-of-its-kind livestream on Reddit, featuring special guest John Oliver.

Gethard also takes calls via phone and Skype during the show, in addition to man on the street segments, allowing viewers to interact with the guests in real time.

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MailOnline tested the unnamed robots at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona pictured It is constantly connected to the internet, using 3G technology to find its way to the customer’s address. The scheme also costs between 10 to 15 times less than the cost of current last-mile delivery alternatives, Starship claims. The bot’s ‘cargo trunk’ pictured is sealed throughout the trip and only the customer can open it using a specific app upon the drone’s arrival After more than 3, hours of testing in London, Starship Technologies’ delivery bots pictured are scheduled to start deliveries in Greenwich next month.

Each six-wheeled ‘ground drone’ is almost completely self-driving. It is constantly connected to the web, using 3G technology to find its way to addresses Greenwich council has already given us permission and this will be the launch location with robots arriving’ next month’. He explained that by the end of the year it’s hoped the robots will be 98 per cent autonomous.

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Sometimes justice has been done, but injustices have been perpetrated by improvised campus tribunals orchestrated by administrators with vocational incentives to discover offenses that justify their offices. The guidance strongly discouraged allowing the accused almost always males to cross-examine their accusers, who frequently are identified in proceedings as survivors — note the prejudgment.

Accusers could appeal acquittals, exposing the accused to double jeopardy. Tellingly, they did not pressure institutions to immediately involve professionals from the criminal justice system in investigating sexual assaults. If so, the , to , assaults would make campuses astonishingly dangerous places. The two most publicized campus rapes that supposedly proved the existence of a campus rape culture were of a stripper by Duke lacrosse players and of a University of Virginia woman in a fraternity.

If he and she are drunk, she typically is absolved of agency and he is accountable for both of their behaviors. The report provides no details of 18 of the 50 victims because the allegations came from a third party and the accuser did not pursue the matter.

Marijuana in China

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