Ghanaian Bombshell Juliet Ibrahim Dating American Singer, Bobby Valentino??? – Photos

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Actress Juliet Ibrahim dating US singer, Bobby Valentino

June Mathis had moved to Goldwyn Pictures where she was in charge of the ” Ben-Hur ” project, and interested in casting Valentino in the film. However, Famous Players exercised their option to extend his contract, preventing him from accepting any employment other than with the studio. Valentino filed an appeal, a portion of which was granted. Although he was still not allowed to work as an actor, he could accept other types of employment.

Ullman had previously had worked with Mineralava Beauty Clay Company, and convinced them that Valentino would be perfect as a spokesman with his legions of female fans.

Guess Juliet is tired of the backlashes so she is taking on any fan that mentions her name in any negative manner. She posted a selfie with another star, Bobby Valentino and immediately, some fans started lashing out negative comments at the pic.

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THIS JULIET IBRAHIM AND CHIZZY MOVIE WILL SHOCK YOU 2 – Latest Nigerian Nollywood Full Movies – 2 hours ago [Video] Arrel – Kaabata – 2 hours ago [Music] Flexaphobia Ft. Oladips – Shisha .

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Here are the year-end Charts of Mellow and NU The NU list is incomplete though as there were errors on the NU broadcast as the songs mentioned at 62 and 30 were already played. I’ll update the chart as soon as NU releases the full list in their website.

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Michelle And Bobby Maze: Michelle talks down to the haters via her Instagram account. Unbreakable Bonds even went to K. Michelle for advice being that she has gone through a similar situation.

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The bubbly actress and producer said she was pushed to release the statement on the divorce due to the false rumours people were peddling about her. Juliet disclosed that even though she and Kwadwo Safo, son of renowned Ghanaian religious leader, Apostle Kwadwo Safo, are officially divorced, they are still the best of friends and they constantly keep in touch. On a normal day, he will call me and we will be chatting like a brother and sister.

Almost every day we talk. The award winning actress refuted speculations that the divorce was fuelled by her husband cheating on her allegedly: She and her husband are doing their best to make enough time for him to always feel at home. There are things that I know that I will never be comfortable that my mother is watching movie, my mum is seeing me doing [in movies]. The album will feature some Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians. Interestingly, she said about 70 percent of stories about her in the media are false.

According to her, she used to be worried about false reportage about her when she entered the industry in but she has now grown to take them lightly. I have heard so much, there are times I wake up in the morning and somebody quotes me in an interview that they claim they had with me.

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